Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time for a Change

My stories are old. Hubby is tired of me spending time writing on the blog. I'm getting tired of trying to be creative. I know nothing about it, but my boss got me into Twitter. Being I can only write a little on there (I don't know how many characters, but I know there is a limit) it makes sense to switch.

So today is the last day of the blog. I'm moving over to Twitter with my picture of the day. Sure hope you'll come see me over there! (Just search for debzpicaday.) We'll see how it works just hanging there. I'm not sure but you may have to join. (Sorry about that.) Let me know how it works for you. I may be back here if it winds up not being the best solution. 

And guess what? I'm almost brave enough to post a picture of myself. But not yet. Today it'll be just a picture of a flower on today's walk.


  1. Really! You should post a picture before you stop posting on here because YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!

  2. oh no! This is the first time I've gotten back to your blog in a long time and now you're leaving! I've resisted the whole Twitter thing - don't have an account or any desire for one - so we'll probably just need to communicate in person. Let's do lunch!! ~gini

  3. I understand that your blog has run it's time, but I'll miss hearing of your adventures! I'm not on Twitter, but I do have an Instagram account - have you heard of Instagram? It's where you post a picture and can write a little something about the photo if you want, or just only post the photo. Good luck with everything! ~Lisa

  4. Oh, and with Instagram people can comment on your photos too and "Like" them. I just think Instagram would be more of a fit for you. Check it out! ~Lisa

  5. Found you on Twitter. Will continue following you there. I don't have an Instagram account (I did, but for some reason it got disabled and I can't get back into it) but I agree with Lisa that it would be a good fit if you plan to post photos often. You can link your Instagram account to Twitter... then people on either platform would be able to see your pics. :)

    Catch you on Words again?