Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Owe it to You

Before I leave I do owe everyone a picture. So in the spirit of authenticity I figured it should be a take-me-as-I-am picture. So here is a just-woke-up picture. Still in bed in a nightgown several sizes too big, no makeup, no hair done, not even a chance to get my glasses on. And lip still swollen from whatever it was that got to me in Hawaii. 
About as unglamorous as it gets. 

Then, for those who can't make it over to Twitter, I'm trying to find a way to have my daily Twitter pictures show up over here on the blog. Bear with me as I figure it out and keep checking back to see if it works. A couple people have suggested I use Instagram so we'll see what happens. 

Guess I'm in a big time state of flux!


  1. Oh my gosh so cute and so young!

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  3. Beautiful! Best just-out-of-bed picture I've seen! You definitely look younger than I pictured in my mind and you look really familiar, but I think it's because you remind me of a lady that works at our local Safeway store! :) Thanks for posting the picture! ~Lisa

  4. I have followed you for a long time. Miss the quilt posts. Although your health journey has been rocky and tough, you have been blessed with a family, lots of beautiful travel, and a cat. You also take great photos. If you focus on your health, it will rob you of the joy of life. You are talented and have a lot to give others.

  5. Beautiful inside and out! As I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with you and talking about our daily successes and troubles, I appreciate you so much, and am very inspired by you each and every day. Thank you for being a positive energy in our lives. Thank you for getting us all out walking, it really is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for always understanding when I have had my moments. And most of all thank you for being you. You are a truely wonderful person, and we are all better from knowing you. Now moving forward, as I believe that no one should be stagnant.....I guess I need to learn how to tweet... :0)
    Debbie D.