Friday, July 11, 2014

I am a Warrior

Or at least I felt like one today.

This morning I walked - without the walker - into physical therapy. I walked in there with my bandage off, my line of staples showing. Parked myself on the treadmill where I did 10 minutes. Did the rest of my exercises (okay, not so easy) but felt like a warrior every time I looked down at the staples. Warrior at therapy.

Son-in-law, hubby, and I went to a restaurant for lunch. Downtown at noon, parallel parking scarce. I got out of the car, stood on the curb, staples showing, and directed my driver into a very tight parking spot. Warrior on the sidewalk.

I walked - again without the walker - to the restaurant. Looking at those staples as we sat outside waiting for a table. Warrior.

After coming home, taking some pain medicine, icing the knee, and taking a nap I still felt like a warrior. Even more so after I hooked myself up to my TENS unit.

Warrior? Maybe Frankenstein.


  1. Good grief! You are a warrior! How you can look at the staples, I can't imagine. I had them once (turns out I'm allergic or something) and every time I looked at them, I got queasy. You are running around exercising and directing traffic like the knee is happy to do anything and the staples are just along for the ride. :-) Here's hoping you finish healing quickly.

  2. Those staples are a reminder of all you have went through and how strong you are. You are a warrior and be proud of it! ~Lisa