Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glaciers and Sunsets

I'm starting to consider myself somewhat experienced when it comes to traveling North America. I've been to all fifty states, Canada, and Mexico. There are places that are exciting, relaxing, challenging, easy. I've been to many destinations I wouldn't ever want to visit again and many I can never get enough of. While my familiarity varies depending on the town, city, island, or country there are two things at the top of my list, two things that are must-sees, add-to-your-bucket-list kinds of things. Things you simply cannot pass up.

Glacier Bay National Park. Watching - and listening to - glaciers calving is an experience that cannot be duplicated.

Sunsets in Hawaii. Walking on a beach like this in the morning may not seem too much of a must-see.

But when the sun drops below the horizon across the ocean waters it's a spectacular sight. I've never seen such beauty. Yes, sunsets in Hawaii ARE all they're cracked up to be.


  1. You should frame that first sunset photo! You are definitely in paradise!! ~Lisa

  2. Hubby thinks it's time to make a 2015 sunset calendar. By the way, on the daytime picture did you notice me walking on the beach with my cane?