Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day of Clues

Long live my suck-the-marrow life. 

Today is a set of clues with new pictures posted throughout the day. Keep checking back!

Clue #1, 6:07 AM

Clue #2, 7:48 AM
Next clue...ever see an airport like this? 
Clue #4...Different shades of lava flows with the ocean in the background. hotel lobby. 

Ever see such a gorgeous place to stay and play for a week? Any guesses where we are sucking the marrow? passports required. 


  1. Heaven??!!!! Debbie D.

  2. Hawaii! I've seen that airport before, but that was WAY back in my high school days. So is it either on Oahu, Maui or the big island of Hawaii? Enjoy! I wish I was there with you!! ~Lisa

    1. You are good! The Kona airport on the Big Island.