Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Knew It

I knew exactly what the rheumatologist was going to say. Back to infusions.

He explained all about how the longer I wait, the more my joints will be damaged. In 5-10 years I'll be sorry I waited. Sorry I didn't do all I could to arrest the disease. While he was pleased I was more active, he warned me about needing to be super careful with my joints. I need to listen very carefully to my body and not overdo it. He suggested swimming would be a more appropriate activity for me than walking. Also said how amazing it is that I continue to work with the severity of the active rheumatoid arthritis I have going on. (I should be on disability right now, but I'm not. And not planning on it. Thanks boss, for working with me on that one!)

So after the doctor visit I guess I'm being a bit rebellious. I'm not starting infusions yet. The fatigue, the malaise, the all around icky feeling they cause is too fresh in my mind. And anyone who has been around me these last couple months can tell you fatigue/icky feeling/looking is not a word to describe me.

And I'm not giving up walking yet. While I might give up on that idea of walking a 5k in May (yeah, I kinda had that as a goal), I still am going to use my trusty iPhone GPS walking app.

Even used it in the grocery store. While I thought I had my list all planned out so I wouldn't have to do any backtracking, two things caused detours. One, I forgot to pick up the ad on my way in the store and had to head to customer service. Two, I couldn't find the sandwich hubby was wanting me to pick up for him. I must have looked crazy going 'round in circles looking for a doggone sandwich. At least I did a good job of shopping the perimeters and staying away from the bad-for-you foods up and down all the aisles. Even got a 1/2 mile in!


  1. You can do walking in the water. There are a lot of pools that offer watercise. It gives you cardio and increase muscle tone without pounding on the joints. I can't do watercise because I have an allergy to chlorine, but it worked for me. I put two empty milk jugs (capped) under my armpits and walked in the water. Might work for you. So sorry about the infusions. He's a rheumatologist, so that is what he is going to say. Don't rebel, figure out a way to modify/adjust.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Linda with the walking in the water, but who am I to tell you how to exercise. My daughter works at the YMCA right down the street and since she works there we get a free membership, but I haven't stepped foot inside yet and it's been 5 months. Good for you for listening to what your doctor had to say and then making your own decisions. However, I do think water exercise of any kind would be excellent for your joints. ~Lisa