Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2nd Verse Same as the 1st

We're stuck in a song.

I'm Henry the Eighth I am, Henry the Eighth I am I am...

Second verse same as the first...

Fog and clouds in this next port. Opted to stay on the ship because of the weather. Spotted a seal before breakfast. Morning walk, two hour swim.

The big difference is what hubby treated me to. I've never been to a spa in my life but that changed today. I had an afternoon appointment at the ship's spa for several 15 minute massages. Scalp, neck and shoulders, feet and ankles, hands and arms. Even get to go back tomorrow and get my poor knotted up legs worked on. Heavenly.

The only pictures I managed today were a couple of Ensenada, Mexico, today's chilly port, that I took on the morning walk.

Hoping for warm weather!


  1. Wow, just as grey as in Buffalo. Probably a lot warmer though. I am surprised you never have tried massages. A good medical massage therapist can ease a lot of joint pain. I go once every two weeks.

  2. Sorry about the bad weather but you are finding good things to do inspite of it. A change of scenery is alway nice even if it's not quite what we planned on.