Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salad Plates

I tried to keep looking for the beauty. I tried to take pictures. I tried to start the blog up again. Made it through several days last week.

Then nothing.

For a couple days this week, I think I actually forgot I even had a blog. We've been busy around the house getting rid of things. We're on a mission to 100. Owning only 100 things each. Two car loads to charity, several bags to the trash, some things to kiddo, some things to my mom. Boy, do we have a lot of stuff.

We've kept about 20% of our books. Most of the remaining books are hubby's school related, history and government related books (and he won't give those up until he retires). We've been through our clothes closets and our linen closet. We've been through every cabinet and drawer in our kitchen. We got rid of casserole dishes and loaf pans and muffin tins and cheesecake pans. We got rid of utensils and silverware. Speaking of silverware, how serious are we about cutting down? We now only own three butter knives. How about dishes? Got rid of our whole set. We now own four salad plates and one dinner plate. Crazy, right?

I think the best thing for me is the salad plate. It makes my dinner look like plenty of food. Yeah, we're talking about just three shrimp but don't they look delicious on my little salad plate?


  1. You've talked about the 100 things for a long time! WAY TO GO!!! I can't imagine doing that. My goal this winter is to clean out my closets but when I put the things back in they're just as full. You need to teach a class. Pam

  2. Good for you for cleaning out and simplifying your life! I'm great at getting rid of stuff, but my husband is a different story and he will not depart with anything. of course when he can't find something he thinks I have given it away to goodwill. I would have loved to had that cheesecake pan! I LOVE shrimp - they look delicious! ~lisa

  3. Using smaller plates is a super way for anyone to cut their portions! Makes you think you're eating way more than you are and tricks your body into accepting it as more.

    I had to laugh thinking about the 100 things -- with 11 of us in the house, that's still 1,100 items! Living in a small space has forced us to continue to downsize over the years, but packing to move has made it obvious that we still have a LOT of stuff!! Good for you simplifying your life. So, now you're not just taking the weight off yourself, but off your household as well! ;)