Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Bit of Air

Get up. Take a shower. Get dressed. Cook breakfast. Make a sack lunch.

A typical routine for millions of folks around the world. Except for me that routine has required me to take a rest break/catch-my-breath break in between each one of those steps due to my lung issue.

But as I was driving to work this morning something occurred to me.

I didn't take any breaks this morning. I got up, showered, dressed, made my omelette, and fixed my sack lunch. In that order. Back to back. And I wasn't totally out of breath. And no low oxygen headache.

I had started thinking something was up this weekend. Hubby made me go outside and shovel snow with him. (I agreed because I wanted to get a picture of PJ boy shoveling snow in his pajamas.) I took the easy way out when it came to shoveling and just did the small sidewalk. When I was finished I realized I had a bit of air left. My lungs weren't totally used up.

I do think the lungs are getting a bit better.

Unbelievable. As unbelievable as hubby being dressed in real clothes on the weekend.


  1. Glad to hear your breathing issues are getting a tad better. I've been dealing with a really bad sinus/cough/cold for the past five days and feel like I can't breathe and my face hurts, but I know in a few days it should be gone and I'll be feeling good again. I miss those good days. I guess I don't appreciate my good health, until I no longer have it. Love your snow picture! We enjoyed our five snow days! ~Lisa

  2. Great! -Glad it's improving!

  3. YIPPEE!! Good for you. Pam