Friday, January 3, 2014

Just Squares

I've been pretty much keeping quiet lately. Protein, water, protein. Few more pounds gone. Naps. Still no walking on our icy street but I have been using our new Wii. Bowling and tennis mostly. Boxing? I tried it but it's a little too much work for me right now. As with any surgery it'll be a few weeks before I get my strength back.

So what do I do to keep myself busy? Reading, books on audio, and retreating to the sewing room. Doing what I'm good at, something I'm passionate about, something that doesn't require lung capacity.

Cutting and sewing charity quilts.

344 squares cut out, sewed together to make 86 square quilt blocks. Not sure what the quilts are going to look like (my brain is a little tired, too) but several kids in the hospital will get to see them first hand. That is, when I get all nine quilts put together.



  1. I was never a fan of video games, but a couple years ago my girls came home from the neighbors house after playing their Wii and they had gotten a work out! So Santa brought the girls a Wii that Christmas. They love playing it. Our favorites are Wii Dance, Tennis, Bowling, Mario, Pac-Man and Tetris! That's a great idea for keeping busy and exercising! My top 3 favorites of your quilt blocks are: The yellow w/daisies, pink w/tropical flowers and the orange with flowers! I love quilts! ~Lisa

  2. Deb, what size are the 344 quilt squares? I'm almost done setting up a sewing area and I'd love to just make a quick quilt to celebrate! ....Lin in CT

  3. I was trying to put myself in your place - not able to do the things I love most and I know I'd be terribly frustrated by limitations! You may be, too, but you appear to be handling it so well. I smiled at your waiting for owner post. =) Healing takes WAY too long, doesn't it? But you haz squarez! These will make terrific children's quilts, no matter how they go together.