Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Invincible? Nope.

Since I didn't get to go for my walk today (today's picture shows why) I went grocery shopping with hubby. Usually all my grocery trips over the last several months have involved my scooter. Unfortunately since surgery I'm not allowed to lift more than 15 pounds and my scooter weighs 35 pounds. And one-armed hubby can't help much either. So everywhere I go I'm scooter-less.

But I thought it would be okay shopping without the scooter today. I've been walking. I've been bowling, playing golf, tennis, and baseball. (Granted they're on the Wii, but at least it's something.)

Boy, was I wrong about my capabilities. Walking around the store, pushing the cart? Horrible. Bad enough I had to go sit down in the middle of the shopping trip. The lungs just won't kick in. Just like on my walks. Panting, sweating, lightheadedness, terrible headaches, inability to think straight. My oxygen level drops and I feel miserable, just like before surgery.

So one-armed hubby and post-op wife will be figuring out a way to work together to get the 35 pound scooter in and out of the car. No more shopping trips without it.

And no walking down the street today or tomorrow for sure.


  1. The cold air also makes it hard to breathe. It looks the same here in Buffalo. Our grocery store has scooters with baskets for customers. Maybe one around you does.

  2. You have snow! We've been hoping, but nothing except flurries. Like Linda said, our grocery stores have motorized scooters with baskets in the store for customers to use. You just go to customer service and get a key to start it up! We also have stores that have home delivery. You go online and place your order and they delivery to home, even bring in the bags and place them on your kitchen counter! Hope you find a system that works for you. You're a trooper! ~Lisa

  3. I was popping in to say the same thing as Linda and Lisa... our grocery store has scooters for those who need them. I like Lisa's idea of finding a store that delivers!

    1. Maybe we could go shopping together. I could come over help load the cart and then meet you at the store to help unload then I could do my shopping while guys do yours. Pam