Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not so Perfect

I had mentioned at work the other day that I was trying so hard to be perfect but it just wasn't working out. While I was only talking about an overlooked e-mail, I should have kept that thought in my mind while I was out to dinner.

Knowing that very soon many foods will no longer be available to me, I've been having some last meals. We had hamburgers the other day. I'm okay letting those go. Chinese food? I can pass. But steak? That one will be hard.

So after hubby's doctor appointment we went out for steak. It was going to be perfect. A perfectly cooked medium steak, seared on the outside and pink on the inside. When we ordered at the counter and one of hubby's former students, now the manager, paid for our meal (a manager has comping abilities, I guess) I really knew it was going to be perfect.

Well, no. For the steak came to me well done. I wouldn't ever care too much, except this was my last steak. Maybe forever. So for the first time ever I sent a steak back. And the new one they brought out? Pretty dang rare. And pretty dang far from what I expected from a perfect steak.

But maybe it worked out fine. Having that as my last steak in my mind might make me not miss steak as much as I thought I might.

But what is perfect? That the military base in Alaska sent me more pictures to make into a quilt. So yay for charity projects like the newly finished Spiderman quilt. Much more important to me than any darn steak.


  1. I did get a contact for the quilts for kids from the Fort Drum area. She is supposed to be sending me photos. However, they all use the same quilt design. Hmm. I have not seen the pattern yet, but I am a great improvisor when I make up quilts. Will have to see how that goes. Don't fret about what you can't have. My husband has celiac disease and he says it is worth not eating gluten to feel so marvelous. Since they came up with gluten free beer, it helps. So think about how you will feel and how your body will like it. Since I started using Penzey's Spices, all food tastes so much better. Maybe go through their catalog to change up what you can eat. Just love the smoked paprika and Mural of Flavor to start. The Vietnamese cinammon is sweet and heavenly.

  2. We put so much emphasis on food, when really we just need it to nourish our body. Instead of focusing on what you can't have, focus on what you can have and how good it's going to make you feel. The quilt is very cute and is going to make one little person very happy! ~Lisa