Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 970

I know my elf is expecting to see a picture here tonight of the 100 stockings she sewed over my way. But I had more pressing issues at hand. Issues like trying to determine what could cause a sewing machine to get a bit of a hitch in its giddy up.

After some finagling it became pretty apparent what the problem was. When you have this much stuff clogging up a machine - and that's just around the bobbin area - it's no wonder the machine wasn't operating as well on stocking number 400 as it was on stocking number one. Looks pretty tinted with that red felt I've been using.


  1. Yikes! A fur all in a machine. I have a thing for vintage sewing machines, and that is what I use. I do minor repairs and tuneups for people. The biggest problem is that huge fuzzball under the throat plate. I clean mine all the time and wipe it down with tri flow oil. The latest machine I am tuning for someone ( which will show up on my blog when I get it off the camera) is a Singer 15. I had to use my newly purchased dental picks from Harbor Freight to pick out fossilized, petrified fuzz that was now dense felt all through the bobbin area.

    1. Dental picks - what a great idea!