Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 965

These days sure are becoming take-the-good-with-the-bad kinds of days.

Bad: According to blood work, my liver function. Big time. No wonder I'm always so very tired.

Good: Arrival of the 50% off items I ordered online from Joann's.

Bad: Being so exhausted after work I headed right to my chair when I walked in the door. Dinner in my chair. Pain medicine in my chair. Opened Joann's box in my chair. Took picture from my chair, wrote blog from my chair. Still dressed for school. No stocking sewing tonight.

Really good: A little basket that was ordered from Joann's. Looks perfect for the front of my scooter. Now maybe I can finally do a little shopping all by myself without having to depend on hubby to push a cart. Ok, not really good. More like great.


  1. Your scooter basket is super cute - love the colors! Nothing wrong with taking it easy in the recliner - wish I was right now. Got to go pick up all the apples that fell on the ground, since my husband just finished mowing the lawn and fixing the flower beds. Take care! ~Lisa

  2. Great basket, scooter or not! Rest up, get the elves to help with the stockings.