Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 962

You'd think someone who:

sews hundreds of Christmas stockings a year
is still using the same pattern since the 1st stocking made
made the how-to video for the Stockings for Soldiers organization, the video on their website and YouTube that is used every season when teaching others to make stockings

would have no problem whipping up those Christmas stockings.

You'd think. Thinking is something I obviously need to do more of when I'm sewing. Out of these 25 stockings I had to redo half of them. Why? Because I put them together incorrectly. Even had to watch my own video to see where I messed up. Let's hope I can speed things up for next few hundred!


  1. What fabric do you use for the cuff of your stockings?

    1. Felt. The organization puts the soldier's name on it in glitter before sending it on its way.

    2. I asked because I have some to share if you need some.

  2. You would think you could do it with your eyes closed! lol :)
    They look great to me. ` Lisa