Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 943

I was a bit sad today when the mail lady drove by. Whereas the last two mail days she came into the driveway to deliver boxes of donated fabric, today she briefly stopped at our mailbox to deliver the junk mail then drove on.

I might even had said something like "boo hoo" to myself but since my new motto is "I choose joy" I didn't dwell on it. I just thought about all the scraps I still had to work with.

And I was still feeling joy when I picked hubby up from school. I might even had said something like "yay" when I saw what he had in his hand. Fabric from a co-worker of his. I cut 11 more stockings from her pretty green fabric. Thanks to Mary who works in Marsing but used to work in Homedale.


  1. Yay more fabric! Have you reached your 400 goal? Do you need more fabric?

  2. You are like one of Santa's little elves and so happy when you got your creativity going! I wish I had time for crafting. Actually, I may just get back into it because just when I thought my girls were too old for some things, my 12 year old asked if could do holiday crafts after school, like we used to. Now I need to research for some ideas! ~Lisa