Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 914

Welcome to the new look of my blog. You can tell something is up. It is.

I've made a decision. 86 days left. The blog stops at 1000 days.

When I first started here my goal was to get through a day. Hopefully string enough of those days to get to an entire year. And I did - and then some. And then some more. But it's about time for it to end.

My daughter wants me to try out Facebook. So I guess when 1000 days rolls around - I think that'll be right before Thanksgiving - I'll be making the shift.

Not yet though. I've got lots more to prove to myself before then.

Like being able to do for others with the completion of a colorful quilt top for a little girl in Alaska.


  1. LOVE, love the quilts. So bright, so much to see! Hate Facebook. I really think I am going to dump it. I am tired of the ads and insertion of stuff I don't want to see. There is no depth, just soundbytes on it. I am only on it so I can see what my sister is up to since she won't answer email or the phone but tell the world she colored her hair.
    It is a lot of work to keep up a blog. Mine goes in fits and starts.

  2. I sure am going to miss you!! I used to be on FB, but had to cut it from my life. That was over a year ago... maybe close to two years? I don't miss it...

    At least we'll still have Words. ;)

    Looking forward to see what the next 86 days bring for you. For me, they'll bring a baby! :)


  3. I love the top and bottom border on the quilt - so pretty! Sorry to hear that you will be ending your blog; I do enjoy it and you have brought lots of insight and inspiration to myself and others, I'm sure. However, I will continue to follow you on Facebook! I don't have a personal facebook account, but my sister and I share one to keep up with relatives that live in other parts of the world. ~Lisa

  4. I am really going to miss your blog. What can I say? You've been such an nspiration! xo