Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 893

When hubby caught his salmon I knew he had a pink one and a silver one. Not being a salmon fisherman I didn't know the difference. Even when it arrived at the house I couldn't tell the difference. Last week he grilled the pink; today he grilled the silver.

I still can't tell the difference. Is it the meat or the scales that determine the type?

Here's what silver looks like. Doesn't look much different than the pink he made the other day (to my untrained eye).


  1. My guess would be the scales. I love salmon, especially fresh salmon caught in the wild! Lucky you! :) ~Lisa

  2. Hi Debbie,

    It's been awhile since I've commented.

    It is the markings on the fish body, fins, mouth, and colors that determine the type of salmon species. Although king/chinook salmon meat has a different color (lighter) and red/sockeye salmon (darker) but basically they all have the orange flesh. Pink meat tends to be 'mushier' than the others.

    Brenda in Alaska

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Glad to have a true Alaskan help me figure it out!