Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 890

I'm glad our daughter came home because we don't like sour cream.

On Day 657 we started an adventure at Alejandra's. An eat-through-the-menu adventure. It's now seven months later and we're getting close to the end. But there is a menu item we skip over again and again.

Enchiladas Blancas. White enchiladas made with sour cream.

It just so happens that daughter's favorite menu item at Alejandra's are those same enchiladas. So we finally got her home and got her to eat those for us. (To keep things honest I had a bite.)

That wasn't the only reason to get her home. It's hubby's birthday and he wanted Number 21, Camarones al Chipotle, again. He got it, she got her enchiladas. And Alejandra's surprised their loyal customer with deep fried ice cream. The taste of that put the German chocolate cake with extra pecans I made to shame.

Happy birthday, Ed!


  1. Those enchiladas sound like they'd be right up my alley. ;) German Sweet Chocolate is my favorite cake... my mom used to make one for my dad and I every year for our birthday's (his is 5 days before mine) because it's his favorite too. :) Happy Birthday, Ed!

  2. That cake looks mighty good to me!

  3. Happy Birthday Ed! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday filled with family and lots of good food! ~Lisa

  4. Hey, those enchiladas were supposed to be mine! :) Hope Jen enjoyed them!

    1. I know. Sorry. We're still not done with everything...