Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 856

I wanted to start today’s blog with, The boy did good! But hubby insisted I say, Hubby did good!

Yep, he did. He made it to his salmon fishing trip. A man with cerebral palsy who can only use one hand, a man who, this time last year, was in kidney failure. A man who had been looking forward to this once in a lifetime adventure, an adventure that took confidence and bravery on his part.

Four salmon.
One was lost before being reeled in all the way.
One was a baby king salmon and had to be thrown back.
One was a silver salmon. A keeper.
One was a pink salmon. A keeper.
A hubby who had the biggest grin on his face all day. A keeper.

Today was his day and he took plenty of pictures to prove it. Lures, reels, rods, captain’s chair. A rock fish that was caught, tossed back into the water only to be snatched up quickly by a bald eagle. And of course, his salmon.


  1. Somehow, when we grill our salmon once a week, the pictures you showed never occur to me. I guess I take for granted all that is behind what keeps me alive. Thanks.

  2. Go Deb's hubby! You're a rock star!!!

  3. So proud of your hubby!!! I love how you described all the "Keepers", especially the one with the grin on his face! You and hubby are awesome and it makes me happy to see how you both encourage one another and are so supportive of one another. You guys are making so many awesome memories this summer! ~Lisa