Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 852

I don't like using the words bucket list. To me they suggest that your life is over. Or at least near the end. I still come back to the sucking out the marrow tour.

Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge. Check.
Tillamook Cheese Factory. Check.
Cannon Beach. Check.
Mount St. Helens. Check.

All places I've wanted to visit and never did it. Until this trip. In just a few days time. Today was the Mount St. Helens Day.

In 1980 I was in California and hubby was in Fruitland, Idaho, his hometown. When Mount St. Helens blew, Fruitland - hundreds of miles away - was one that received ash. 

Now Mount St. Helens has trees and shrubs and wildflowers in some places and is still pretty desolate in others. I even caught some steam coming out. I took tons of pictures and these are my best.


  1. Instead of saying "bucket list", my teens girls say "YOLO", which stands for...You Only Live Once! So when an opportunity comes up and one of them is hesitant...another will yell, YOLO! It does seem that we go throughout life doing the same everyday activities and don't venture out to do those unexpected things that we've always wanted to do. I'm so glad you being adventurous and really living life...that's what it's all about! YOLO :) ~Lisa