Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 851

You could say Portland, Oregon is an interesting town. A town full of interesting people.

Portland Saturday Market - held on Sundays too - is a great place for people watching. And music listening. And food eating. We did all of the above.

Music listening and people watching.
I thought food eating was going to happen when I stood (sat on my scooter, that is) in the long line here:
And picked up an apple fritter for me:
But hubby had another idea for his doughnut. When I found him sitting in the shade and gave him a Mango Tango doughnut he had already started on his own unique lunch combination.
A dark beer, a plate of fries, and a mango-filled doughnut. 

Guess I'm married to one of the interesting Portland people.


  1. And the adventures continue! Did you purchase anything besides food at Saturday Market? I love looking at all the booths with things for sale, especially the jewelry. My 14 year old made me promise her yesterday that sometime during the summer I would take her to Saturday Market. I love reading about all your excursions! Travel on...Lisa

    1. I've been buying things for my scooter as we've been going along - charms, jewels, bracelets, stickers - but only came away from Portland with a Voodoo Doughnut sticker.