Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 838

I've still been on this "suck out all the marrow of life" kick. While the combination of the rheumatoid arthritis and the lung thing did it to me, Alaska really did it to me. The freedom of the scooter, the ability to go wherever, do whatever. Makes me want to do even more. Go all out.

So perhaps that was what was in my head as we were driving down the freeway the other day when I blurted out to hubby. I think I should get a tattoo next, I say.

Neither one of us have ever had a tattoo, never even thought of getting one. But at that exact moment hubby thought it was a great idea and even knew what it should say:

Live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.

Yea. I think that's good. So when I shared with my daughter where I wanted it - somewhere where it could be seen, yet hidden - she nixed it. Too much, mom. It'll hurt there and that's not a good place for all those words. Where did I want it? Only where someone who is on the edge of busting through the marrow -someone who is teetering on the edge of wild - would think.

All over the fingers. Too bad permanent marker rubs off. Guess I gotta rethink this one.


  1.! At first I thought you really did it!!! I have always wanted a tattoo since I was 17 years old and that is almost 30 years ago. I still want a tattoo, but don't know if I'm too old for one. I'm thinking the Celtic tree of life with my daughters named circling it. I really think you should get a tattoo!!! Like the kids says these days, "You only live once!"~Lisa

  2. Deb I have 3 tattoos- one is music notes for the first song my son wrote. #2 is an ankle bracelet with my daughter's initials, birthday & birthstone as the charms. #3 is a hibiscus flower in honor of my dad. My 4th one is going to be a compass designed by my son so I never lose my way. Let me say they hurt like hell but I love that you can have them forever.