Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 814

I don't necessarily want to admit it, but this blog is important to me. It isn't so much the blog, but the comments people post. Every day I look forward to seeing if anyone responded to my picture or what I wrote. I'm not good about posting back, but rest assured I read every single one. That might be a sign of insecurity, looking for approval/validation from others. I tell myself it isn't important - what people think - but it is.

But the comments about my photos (particularly on the flower ones) have stirred something else in me. I've been thinking about all these pictures I take. Some aren't so great, but some are pretty darn good. So scrap the whole, It's Sew Idaho thing, at least temporarily. Time to focus on the photographs. (Not like I haven't already. 814 days in a row of pictures should count for something.) But I want it to count for something bigger. So for the second time in the history of this blog, I have a new camera.

Crazy, right? This new digital camera will allow me to use my lenses I purchased ages ago when I used a film camera. Better quality, sharper images. Can't wait to show you what I'm about to do with it.

You'll have to wait just a bit more. In the meantime, take a look at the upgrade. Looks like they're in a standoff.


  1. Good for you! If you are going to take dynamite pictures everyday (you have a great track record), you got to have a SLR. I have a Canon Tli and have enjoyed it the past two years. I wish I knew it better, but I think I would need a class as the manual is skimpy.
    I am glad you read the comments as I do value your posts and try to tell you on a regular basis- glad you read it.

  2. Good for you on upgrading in the camera department. I've been wanting a new camera for years. It really does make a huge difference in photo quality. I look forward to your blog and hearing your stories. We all lean on each other and support one another and that is what life is about! We love you Deb! ~Lisa