Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 788

34.03 miles v. 2.42 miles.

From our house in Marsing to our daughter's place in Boise it's 34.03 miles. With one way miles like that we don't see her all that much. Especially with her going to school full time and still trying to keep 20+ hours a week at work. But from our place in Boise to hers? 2.42 miles.

With as close as she lives it has been nice to see her whenever we spend the night over there. We don't always get to see her every trip - trying to pull straight A's takes quite the studying on her part - but last night we got to spend a nice chunk of time with her, her boyfriend, and their cat.

Boyfriend made dinner. Stir fry, fried rice, and egg roll.

Then daughter needed help making cupcakes for a party. A party where the attendees work at either her work or his work. (Can you tell by the logo cupcakes which two stores she and boyfriend work at?)

Oh yeah, and that's not all. Boyfriend asked our permission to marry our daughter. We said yes.


  1. Deb, good news! My daughter is getting married this coming Saturday. She planned this over a year and a half. I just went along as a pair of eyes as I am not a big deal kind of person. My wedding was outdoors, made my own dress, made the bouquets, etc. Your daughter sounds like a reasonable person so maybe the plans will be easy, My daughter Is such a low key practical person, but the wedding thing is like she is a different person.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter for getting engaged?!!! Looks like her husband-to-be can cook good food too - that's always a plus. For the looks of the cupcakes I would say your daughter works at Macy's, but I don't know what store has that yellow sun logo. ~Lisa