Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 774

My daughter keeps telling me not to leave a bunch of stuff for her to get rid of. She's talking about when I'm no longer living and she has to clean out the house. We've been working hard at downsizing, but the sewing room? Yea, I'm afraid I haven't worked on downsizing it as much as I should.

I've always told kiddo that she wouldn't have to worry about my fabric stash because I'd use it up. But now with me being so sick I'm starting to wonder if I have too much. So today was spent getting ready to put some fabric on eBay soon. Might as well sell it there since that's where most of it came from anyway!

After spending the day working on what I can let go of, the boxes of colorful fabric fat quarters aren't even close to being full.


  1. I am always looking for fabric for the quilts I make and give away to cancer chemo patients. If you get a box of fabric with nice colors, and you have a PayPal account, I can buy it from you without you dealing with ebay- you can just email me a photo if you want. I hope you are recovering from the flurry of nasty medical stuff you have endured recently.

  2. For someone who isn't feeling well you sure are always doing something! I love selling on ebay. Actually, I'm in the middle of relisting about 100 items on ebay and took a break to check in on you! Take care of yourself. ~Lisa