Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 674

While I'm thankful for the steroids working - my pain and stiffness has subsided greatly - I'm not thankful for the side effects. Headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, an always-on-edge feeling, and the weight gain. Especially the weight gain. As I look in the mirror I see a big ole' balloon. A big balloon body and the beginnings of the steroid-looking face, all round and pudgy. It is getting so I won't even look in the mirror anymore. But I'm thankful for the temporary relief the joints are getting.

I thought when I went to the rheumatologist he might take me off the hard-on-my-body drugs, but it appears I'll be continuing them for at least another month. He also broke the unfortunate news that the disease - rheumatoid arthritis - is running rampant and needs to be controlled.  That it's time to start back on the chemotherapy drug and it's time for another attempt at insurance approval for the infusion IV drug. Dang it. Dang it for the test results, too. Another mess of abnormal tests and a sky-high, higher than ever inflammation test.

But I'm still thankful. Thankful I can now get out of bed in the morning and do things. Things like take early morning pictures in the one degree weather. Beautiful, icy pictures. I feel so lucky to be able to take pictures like these.

What looks like snow is really ice crystals. Moisture in the air freezing to trees.

In this picture, what looks like white dots in the tree are where the sun is reflecting off the ice crystals at just the right angle.


  1. Hey Deb- hang in there. You know better than anyone to take things a day at a time. I'm happy you're getting relief from your discomfort. Sad to know your inflammation is plaguing you. I know it may sound crazy to you but I believe strongly in integrated medicine- a combo of traditional & homeopathic practices. For me that means acupuncture & herbs. Acupuncture can help tremendously with inflammation by opening up the channels in your body so it can aid in the healing process. I have had ripping migraines since I was 20. I've suffered for years until acupuncture. I haven't had but 3-4 in the past four years. Something to research & consider ok? Thinking about you, praying that you feel better. xo paula

  2. Glad you are getting some relief, but wish you didn't have to suffer with the side affects. I too have had two family members have great results with acupuncture. I think it would definately be worth a try. Love your beautiful outside photos, especially the last one with the moon. Take care and enjoy the weekend! ~Lisa