Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 146 of 365

I got to go out to lunch again today.

When I was working, I taught (and later had an office) right next to a gal from work. Every time the school year ended, we talked about meeting up in the summer to do something. And for the 10+ years we worked right next door to each other, we never did.

But this summer has been different.

We've met for lunch on Day 114 when I talked her ear off. We went to the movies (or the show, as she calls it) on Day 127.

Day 127 was when I had the torturous conversation with myself about making her some decorated sugar cookies. I never did make them, knowing that I would eat my fair share. It wound up not making a difference, as I went and picked up some ice cream/candy concoction that same day and wound up eating it without even realizing it.

So now today on Day 146 I met her for lunch (she was buying as a birthday present). This time I brought her some sugar cookies. I bravely faced my fears of sugar and plowed forward.

Today's picture is the cookies I delivered.

But wait - there's a bonus!

I made a video tutorial on how to decorate them. Take a look...


  1. wow, too cute to eat. Mom

  2. Wow, great video, thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Craftybear from Quilting Board site

  3. I had to smile when you said your friend calls it "going to the show" because that is my parents say too!~Lisa

  4. This was a WONDERFUL video! YOu made me laugh, and you taught me so many little tricks! IT amazes me that you have so much control with a baggie! Cannot wait to see more!

  5. Thanks a bunch. Can't wait to do. Keep the ideas coming.

  6. great video. yes keep the cookie videos coming. only if we could just taste. Mom

  7. I'm going to show these to my grandaughter-she loves cookie decorating. Thanks!